What is your biggest challenge in music licensing?

How do you handle challenges in music licensing? Have you ever felt like you just can’t overcome them?

I want to share with you my biggest challenge, but first…

What’s YOUR biggest challenge right now?

Probably the biggest challenge you are facing is having the wrong music. You know how to write it, you just don’t know how to compose ‘license-ready’ music. This is a common struggle for a lot of composers when they first get started.

Others have a hard time with sales; maybe they have a few music tracks in their portfolio but the are not making the amount of sales they hoped for.

Rejection is, by far, the most common challenge among musicians, composers and producers.

For me the biggest challenges are all of the above. However I have learnt to overcome them.

Today I still face some and I would like to share with you what they are:

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