Meet Daniel

Hi, I’m Daniel Carrizalez, and I am a Venezuelan/British composer living in Greece.

In 2010, my wife and I moved from the UK to Greece with our 4-month-old daughter to start a new life. In less than 6 months, we lost our life savings in a brick-and-mortar business that was supposed to be our family’s main source of income. 

I couldn’t find work due to language barriers, so my wife Demi (who is Greek) worked while I became a stay-at-home dad. During that time, Greece was facing one of Europe’s worst economic crises, causing our dreams of a better life in the sun to fade away quickly.

After I became a stay-at-home dad, I wanted to find ways to earn money online. Being a musician and composer, I always had a passion for making money with my talents and skills. So, I decided to license my music in various stock libraries. Over time, I was able to earn a full-time income by selling my music in stock libraries. This inspired me to document my journey on YouTube Stock Music Licensing, which eventually led me to launch Stock Music It has now become the number one resource for artists and composers to learn about stock music licensing.

Why choose Stock Music Licensing?

Getting started in music licensing can feel like navigating a complex maze, but with Stock Music Libraries, you’ll discover the easiest and most effective way to dive in headfirst. Here’s why:

1. Low Barrier to Entry: Unlike traditional avenues of music licensing that may require extensive networking or industry connections, stock music libraries offer a straightforward entry point for aspiring composers and musicians. Simply create your tracks, submit them to the library, and start earning money when they’re licensed.

2. Build Experience and Skill: Stock music libraries provide an invaluable learning ground for honing your craft as a composer. By consistently creating and submitting tracks, you’ll gain valuable experience in composing for different genres, styles, and moods. This hands-on approach allows you to refine your skills and develop a versatile portfolio that will attract the attention of sync licensing opportunities down the line.

3. Generate Income from Day One: One of the most attractive aspects of joining stock music libraries is the ability to earn money from your compositions right away. Unlike waiting for placements or sync deals, your tracks can start generating income as soon as they’re accepted into the library. This immediate gratification not only provides financial stability but also serves as motivation to continue creating and improving your craft.

4. Stepping Stone to Sync Libraries: As you gain experience and build a strong portfolio in stock music libraries, you’ll naturally progress to higher levels of the industry, including sync licensing opportunities. Sync libraries often seek out composers with some experience in the industry.

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