Do this … to start licensing your music.

Composing music is just one aspect of music licensing. It’s crucial to understand that having your music online is absolutely necessary for the licensing process to take place. So, If you happen to have a hard drive with unfinished demos or creative ideas, it’s important to know that your music may never fulfill its potential and could ultimately go to waste.

It took me a long time to start uploading my music when I started my music licensing journey. For some reason, I held onto the belief that by continually remixing and rearranging my compositions, they would somehow improve over time. I found myself constantly experimenting with various VSTs and plugins and testing my productions in different audio systems, not to mention the infamous “car mix test”.

Yeap … I did all that!

But one thing I didn’t do from the beginning was set myself some deadlines. Major mistake. Only to realize much later that setting myself limitations, made me be more productive and decisive. 

Remember that deadlines are a crucial part of music licensing, even if you are not working with music publishers or in film production. It’s essential to train yourself to compose music faster than you think you can. Just because nobody is expecting your music on a library like Pond5 or Motion Array doesn’t mean that you should not give it your best effort. It’s important to cultivate a sense of urgency when it comes to music licensing. Otherwise, you may never finish the track you started writing a long time ago. Having your music online should be your number one priority. 

Yesterday I composed a brand new track and I uploaded it immediately. Within hours it was approved and it’s already available in two different libraries. You can hear my composition here.

I also have several tracks in the queue waiting to pass the review process in many libraries, but my music is constantly been released online. You can hear this track which was approved yesterday by another library here.

I am expecting more tracks to be online in the next couple of days and I will share them here with you when the time comes. 

It’s 10:25 am in the morning as I write this email and I have already composed a new cinematic percussion track that I will upload after I write this. I am not saying this to brag but to help you write more music faster so you can start licensing your music today. I used to struggle a lot in the past and I wish I would have taken action faster than I did. I would certainly be miles ahead of where I am today.

4 thoughts on “Do this … to start licensing your music.

  1. Hi Daniel, this is very nice and helpful! I really have these issues… and I fight to be more disciplined and productive every day! I am starting this journey again after a few years of excuses. I started a website … I have lots of ideas, but I need to have more respect for what I am doing…

    By the way, How many tracks you can make per day?
    Cheers, Christo.

    1. Hi Christo! The struggle is real. I started out making a track a week and sometimes I had so many doubts, excuses and not being disciplined enough that it would take me forever to finalize a track. Nowadays, after working towards becoming more productive, disciplined and better at what I do, I can compose around 3-4 tracks in a single day. Just keep working on yourself and make the music! Let me know if you need any help! I am always here for you! All the best! Daniel

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