I am selling my gear … here’s why

This month in my household we’ve been doing a good decluttering of all things, from old kids toys to clothes and studio recording gear.

One of the things I learnt over the last few years is not to hold on to things that do not serve me anymore. So, during this clear out, I tackled my studio area and all the things I have, from books, notes to pedals and recording gear.

I am selling my gear … here’s why.

As I often say in my videos, you don’t need much to record music or even run an online business. A laptop nowadays covers pretty much the majority of the functions that before you needed external devices for the same job. So, I am selling my gear .. here’s why.

By the way, are you a hoarder or a minimalist? and what’s you studio setup these days?

Watch my latest video to learn more about which things I’ll get rid off and which ones I’ll keep.

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