How to write music using Free Samples

Is it possible to produce quality music using free samples and plugins? Isn’t free stuff supposed to sound bad? Do you need to spend $400 or more on samples in order to sound like the pros?

Of course not.

It’s true that with good samples you can produce high quality music, but it’s all about how you use them and what you’ve got.

It’s better to get good results using free samples and plugins than producing mediocre-quality music using high-end sample libraries.

Besides, nowadays professional sample libraries offer you free samples so you can try them out. And yes, they are as good as the paid products that they sell.

In fact, most of the sounds that come with the paid libraries, it’s just a portion of the samples instead of the whole product. Usually sample libraries are so big that you need to store them in external hard drives.

Recently, I’ve produced three different music tracks using three free sample libraries.

The challenge was to download the FREE Orchestra from ProjectSam and write a music track using nothing but the FREE Orchestra.

I did the same using Layers from Orchestral Tools and with Spitfire’s LAB.

Checkout the final result in this video.

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