What type of music sells the most?

When it comes to music licensing ‘happy’ music is what sells the most. Why?

Simply because it’s what people want. When a client is looking to add music to his latest promo video or advertising campaign, he will want to have an uplifting happy tune rather than a sad melancholic music track.

Happy and simple is what sells more. It’s one of the reasons why we hear ukulele, hand claps and glockenspiel tracks all over Audiojungle and Pond5.

Now, that doesn’t mean that we all have to start writing music with a ukulele and a glockenspiel , it just means that it’s much harder to sell sad music.

Check out this relevant article by The Rolling Stone Magazine:

The Music Industry Is About to Put Out a Lot of Very, Very Uplifting Songs

If you are just getting started in music licensing it’s a good idea to write happy music if you want to start earning money. Watch the video to hear what the CEO of DeWolf Music has to say about it.

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