How to make lofi hip-hop music

Are you new to Lofi Hip-Hop music and you don’t know where to start? Let me show you how to make lofi hip-hop music without any experience and with only 2 instruments.

Lofi hip-hop music is very popular these days and for us composers, it means more chances to sell this kind of music tracks on stock music libraries.

Lofi hip-hop music is here to stay and you can jump in and learn how to compose it. No worries…I’ve got your back.

In my latest video, I am showing the beginning steps in composing a lofi hip-hop music track. In this over-the-shoulder mini tutorial, I am sharing the initial steps to begin a lofi hip-hop composition.

This is the EASIEST WAY to start a Lofi Hip-Hop music track composition. Discover the secret of what makes a pro sounding Lofi track vs an amateur one using only two instruments.

Watch the video here or click below.

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