How to Build Confidence as a Stock Music Composer

Why confidence is so important as an artist?

As a composer or music producer being confident about yourself and your work is probably one of the most important aspects of success.

At times we might feel doubtful of our own music, production and final mixes. We might feel insecure of what we are capable of, and if we don’t address this lack of confidence early, it can became a major road block in our minds.

The best way to build your confidence is to think of a time when you were winning at something, or a time when you were feeling good about yourself because you’ve accomplished something important.

Taking action is the best way for you to build and sustain your confident levels as a stock music composer.

Confidence will help you get through difficult times, when sales are slow or when your music gets rejected.

Push through self-limiting beliefs by going beyond your limits.

This can be by:

-writing your first stock music track

-uploading another track after being rejected multiple times

-finding the time to build your catalog in your spare time

-committing to a schedule


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